Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades, glass fences or glass railings as they’re also known, add a beautiful design touch to any area that requires safety barrier without compromising on the views. As opposed to typical rails or posts, glass balustrades can provide clean, clear views with minimal structural interference, the structural strength is in the glass which is supported by a stylish aluminium channel and can be in a number of finishes to suit style.

We supply ranges of these balustrades and glass in our SHOP which can be bought directly and delivered with clear fitting instructions for installation.

At Altitude Glass, we supply various types of frameless glass railings with a choice of thicknesses of glass to suit your requirements. They can all be used in both domestic and commercial settings and are a perfect balustrade choice for garden decking and various interior balustrade applications. As part of our service, we supply straightforward step-by-step instructions on how to install the glass yourself, which is a great way of saving on the installation costs.


Wherever your design flair demands a safety barrier that allows seamless views with plenty of light, frameless glass balustrades are the ideal solution!

Glass balustrades are suitable for various interior and exterior projects and can add a touch of class to any space. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary frameless balustrade, for clear uninterrupted views or a framed style to complement your design scheme, we can create a bespoke glass balustrade that fits perfectly in your space creating the perfect look.

Popular spaces to add stylish frameless glass balustrades: a railing or barrier solution for balconies, a more contemporary surrounding for your exterior decking and entertaining area or garden, stairs, hallways and terraces for commercial and private use, also retail and hospitality venues.

Balustrades Fittings

We supply a really simple solution for people who wish to save costs and do it themselves. This video shows how easy our system is to install. We supply the glass suited to purpose as balustrades have a ‘loading’ calculation applied which we can provide the correct glass to suit the specification.

The glass is also available in a range of thicknesses and we can price it up within the day if you know what you require. It’s easy to make an enquiry and there is always a friendly adviser waiting to take your call and give you advice or a free quote.

Please feel free to get in touch to ask for more information on our glass balustrades. For more information about glass balustrades also visit our blog

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