Glass Partitions for Offices & Interiors

Glass partitions for offices and interiors can be manufactured in a variety of glass types such as acoustic, fire-rated, frosted and toughened glass. They can also be enhanced with bespoke graphics or ironmongery to complement your interior scheme and branding.

Famously versatile, our glass partitions offer you a wide range of useful practical benefits to complement their superb contemporary style.

Single and double-glazed glass partitions are a brilliant, contemporary way to transform your interior. They offer huge potential for decorative purposes: for example, they can be used to great effect to allow more natural light into a space, making it feel brighter and more spacious (and often leaving you feeling more cheerful and energetic as a result).

With careful planning, you can also use the partitions to divide a single large space into smaller sections, giving the room greater versatility by allowing it to be used for several functions at once. What’s more, our acoustic glass ensures there’s no noise overspill between the partitions, giving you greater freedom and privacy to use each room however you see fit. At Altitude Glass, we have all the experience and specialist knowledge to help you get the very most out of your glass partitions, and take pride in our ability to tailor-make them to fit your space.

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