Magnetic Glass Notice Boards & Walls

We manufacture magnetic glass notice boards & walls for work or home spaces in a wide range of colours with the option of additional graphics or logos. Magnetic glass wall boards create a stylish look for any room. Perfect for meeting rooms, school classrooms and offices, they are not only useful, but can be designed in a colour to match your interior.  Produced in bright colours like yellow and pinks, kids love them, also a great way to showcase your branding or mission statement for meetings and events.

Altitude Glass magnetic glass notice boards & walls have sleek, sharp lines with hidden fixings and being magnetic means they are dual-function – working both as a wipe board and notice board. As they are affixed to a wall or are the actual wall, they take up less space than their wheeled counterparts and their contemporary and stylish look adds a real touch of refinement to their environment.

Our magnetic, glass notice boards and walls are produced in bespoke sizes to meet your requirements and are a modern alternative to the traditional notice board.  If you want to discuss more details or get a Free Quote, give us a call on 01254 812112 or Contact us.

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