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Interior glass partitions to reflect your own style

An interesting aspect of interior glass partitions that you may not be aware of, are many different ways you can make them personal to your business or property. Whilst the majority of the product by its content is pretty standard, with the installation of ironmongery and manifestation graphics, in a bespoke way, you can add a touch of ‘uniqueness’ to your partitions.

Ironmongery can make a real difference

We offer a range of different handles, door pivots and track, which then can be re-coloured to match your scheme or even contrast it. For example; one of our clients had a black and white décor so we sprayed the ironmongery of her partitions black to complement this.

There are extra ironmongery fittings that can be added too, such as strips of bar across the glass producing what’s known as a ‘crittal’ effect, which creates an ‘of the moment’ industrial vibe. The image below is an example of this, it’s currently very popular on Pinterest!

Crittal Glass Partitions

Source: Bloglovin via Pinterest


Using manifestation graphics to create an impact!

Graphics are the best and most cost-effective method for giving your partitions that desired bespoke look. A great example of this are the manifestation graphics on the partitions we installed at EKM’s office. The photos below show the partitions with their regulation ‘dots’ and after, when we had applied the manifestation graphics.

We designed the graphics with the company’s brand image in mind, produced a test sample and once approved, we applied it to all of the partitions. I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic! Such a dramatic difference in look to the original plain glass panels.

Office glass partition Altitude Glass


Using tints and colours to create an effect and complement your brand

We have also installed screens with tinted glass, the image below is an example of a partition we fitted at a swimming pool, which has bronze tint. This adds a touch of softness.
I particularly like it when clients choose to add a splash of a colour that ties in with their branding. Below are great examples from a client, SLS, we integrated their green brand colours into back-painted panels and additionally, included writable glass into their partition system, eliminating the need for stand-alone whiteboards.

As an extra innovation and touch of style, we can also install magnetic, wipeable-glass communication boards, which can be used from either side. Very unique and functional!

I hope that I’ve shown you a whole new way to think about glass partitions, you can see why they’re my favourite product! So many benefits can be achieved from what starts out as just a plain old piece of glass!

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