Glass Partitions for Colleges & Universities

Ideal for when space is at a premium, glass partitions for Colleges & Universities provide a range of innovative uses.

Educational institutions sometimes face challenges in terms of their available space – challenges that can thankfully be easily solved through the use of glass partitions. Strategic placement of soundproof glass partitions can allow colleges and schools to divide large spaces into smaller sections, helping them to expand their teaching capacity by fitting several classes into what was once only a single space. The soundproof nature of acoustic glass is also particularly useful for minimising potential disruption from noise-intensive classes such as drama or music.

Glass partitions are fantastically versatile, too, from a teaching point of view. They provide useful surfaces for projectors and similar devices, while writeable glass walls can serve as handy whiteboards. (In fact, as both sides are writeable, opposite sides of the same partition can be used for back-to-back whiteboards.) Certain colleges or schools sometimes use glass partitions as surfaces for their personal branding or logos, too.

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