Toughened Laminated Glass

If you are looking for toughened laminated glass for a staircase, frameless interior or exterior balustrade or an atrium barrier then we are the place to purchase it from, we deliver direct, are competitively priced and have excellent customer service.  Call us today on 01254 812112 or email us for a quotation.

Toughened Laminated Glass is the strongest safety glass which can be specified. It is constructed of two layers of toughened glass which has been processed through thermal treatment to increase its strength and then laminated together. It has a distinctive profile of a double layer and can be supplied in low iron. It is widely used in various applications such balustrades, exterior balconies and Juliet balconies over 800mm high off floor level when they are frameless with no handrail. The thicker the layers are, the stronger it is; even to be able to walk on it!

We supply and deliver processed toughened-laminated glass in thicknesses from 17.5mm to 33.5mm catering to specific customer needs, as different applications require different glass thicknesses for optimal performance and safety. It’s important to understand the requirements with the right type and thickness of toughened-laminated glass for your project and we can support you on this with our unrivalled knowledge on this glass processing.

We have extensive product knowledge and can answer customers questions about the durability, safety standards, and applications of toughened glass.

Applications – Frameless Glass Balustrades, Juliet Balconies, Staircases and Atrium Walls.

How we work – The quickest way is to email with your requirements and we will provide you a quotation on the same day or alternatively if you wish to discuss your project with us, request a call back at your convenience today on our contact form here.

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