Switchable Self Adhesive Smart Film for Glass

Switchable Self Adhesive Smart Film for glass which turns from transparent to opaque, and back again, with the flick of a switch!*

Perfect for creating privacy and suitable for a wide range of applications.  It offers a high level of protection from sunlight, prevents glass from falling should it be broken and can also work as a projection screen!

Available within two weeks from order.

*Electrical connection required

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Switchable Film

We can retrofit smart privacy window film or provide it pre-installed with new glass partitions. It’s ideal for windows which look into private spaces and is a cost-effective and quick solution for transforming a standard window into a ‘smart window’.

Switchable glass film is perfect for windows, atriums, glazing units and all pre-existing or new glazing (internal) as well as new internal partitions in meeting rooms, offices and single-glazed glass partition room dividers where water is not present.

Switchable smart glass and film

Benefits Switchable Film

  • Privacy Protection
  • Projection Screen
  • Safety Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Can be used on single partitions
  • Wide variety of applications

Switchable Glass

Switchable smart glass is a finished glass partition with the smart film laminated in-between two glass partitions.

It is suitable for en-suites and private areas where there is water, moisture, steam such as hotel bathrooms and apartments – as it increases the size of a small room and gives privacy.

Switchable smart glass

Benefits Switchable Glass

  • Privacy Protection
  • Projection Screen
  • Safety Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Water & steam resistant
  • Integral to the partition




Price List

Retro Self-Adhesive Smart Film including transformer: £300 plus per SQ/MT Excl. VAT & Delivery

Either application can be easily fitted and clear instructions are provided.

On a supply only basis and ready for installation.

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