Glass Balustrades and Barriers

Glass Balustrades and Glass barriers are a Beautiful Solution to Interior and Exterior Projects - We Provide a Tailored Bespoke Service Specifying Systems and Delivering it Direct. Ask Today How We Can Help.

  • Safety Barrier Without Compromising On The Aesthetics

    Glass Balustrades and glass barriers are without doubt a beautiful design feature for safety barrier without compromising on the aesthetic but are a challenge to understand all the technical details required, which is why, here at Altitude Glass we bring together our 15 years years of industry experience to provide a supply service to bring the best balustrade products delivered direct to your project.

    We have a fantastic supplier chain and can supply all glass and ironmongery for all the types of systems required; if the glass is clear, tinted, obscured or easy clean or has to be ‘toughened’ or ‘toughened laminated’ – we have the technical know how to help and guide you on your project.

  • How It Works

    All you need to do is send us your dimensions and the type of balustrade required and we work out the rest, i.e. the lengths of channel and the glass panels required; sending back the quotation the same day. Even if you’re unsure we can help and offer the advise needed. We do the ground work for you. Everything is detailed before we go to glass manufacture, making sure you are happy to proceed and taking away any uncertainty.

    This is a supply only service across the UK, we deliver to joiners, builders and contractors. We supply CAD drawings and are the technical experts to go to for glass balustrade product and supply.

    Contact us today and have a beautiful tailor-made glass balustrade within weeks.

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