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Altitude Glass supply and install glass partitioning systems. With backgrounds in technical design, installation and manufacturing we have accomplished many projects. We have vast experience of working in the construction industry and are incredibly knowledgeable and creative, offering glass partitioning solutions to perfectly suit your project.

“At Altitude Glass, we complement our design-led approach with flawless technical precision, allowing us to achieve your exact vision for your interior space”

Nearly 16 years of industry experience allows us to offer a full service offering to our clients. Our experts will work closely with you on your project right from the very beginning, using finely-honed specialist knowledge and problem-solving skills to overcome any logistical obstacles as we fit your glass installation.”

What’s more, our broad range of specialised glass types ensures that we’ll always have the best material on hand to meet your specific needs. All of our glass is manufactured to extremely high quality, so you can be sure of a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time.”

Why Choose Us

Experts in Glass

Experts in Glass and Interiors

We understand how glass can be used to the best effect to maximise light within your space.

Design Led and Functional

For every installation we take care to match our glass products to your individual needs, ensuring the final results are both practical and stylish.

Resourceful and Creative

Our years of experience and in-depth specialist knowledge give us the advantage as we work to overcome any logistical issues with your installation.


Our glass partitions are ideal for a wide range of sectors

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