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At Altitude Glass, we specialise in providing durable and reliable glass partitioning solutions to various sectors in the North West, from hotels to offices and beyond. We offer a range of styles and applications, from acoustic glass partitioning to toughened glass, frameless glass balustrades and glass barriers. 

With a wide range of glass options to choose from, we can help you transform any environment into one that’s perfectly fit for purpose. Whether it’s a corporate meeting room, a luxury hotel lobby, an educational institution or even a gym, our glass partitions maximise and enhance the functionality and privacy of any space while maintaining an open-plan feel, letting the natural light stream through.

We take pride in our work. We understand that the needs of each client and space is unique, that’s why we collaborate with design and construction professionals to provide advice on glass types, features, fixtures, and ironmongery. Every glass partition that leaves our warehouse is meticulously custom-made to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you get a product that fits your space to a tee.

We always strive to deliver customer service that is as exceptional as our products. We ensure that our clients are satisfied and delighted with our work. If you’re interested in investing in some glass partitions for your space, take a look at our sector sub-pages for more information on how we can tailor our glass partitions to the needs of your business.

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