Glass Partition Types

Glass Partition Types, which one to choose to suit your needs and your vision for your interior space?

Glass partitions are designed in all shapes and are fantastic for providing peace and privacy in an interior without sacrificing any feelings of spaciousness. From a practical perspective, glass partitions allow lots of natural daylight into any space, making it feel far less enclosed and give a perception of an ‘open plan’ design, which is aesthetically modern.

We have added many of the most popular glass partition types we have designed and installed. The glass partition type depends on the size of the space and the style you want. Altitude glass are experts in creating glass partitions that fit perfectly in any desired space. All you need is a vision!

Glass partition walls can be installed either as full glass-partitioning system or integrated with drywall and bespoke solid doors. Designed with the minimum of components, installation of glass partitions is quick and easy.

At Altitude Glass we design, supply and fit glass partitions for offices and interiors, glass shower screens, glass balustrades, atrium barrier glass and glass doors.

Altitude Glass are equipped to meet every requirement, with a broad range of glass partition types that fulfill a variety of practical and aesthetic functions including acoustic, fire rated, frosted and toughened glass. If you’re not sure which type of glass would best suit your needs, we are always happy to advise.

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