Glass Partitions for Colleges & Universities

Glass partitions provide a great way to optimise space on campus, and offer many benefits that can help universities and colleges make the most of their available areas without causing any disruption. Strategically placing soundproof glass partitions can help you to effectively divide large spaces into smaller sections, increasing your school’s teaching capacity by fitting several classes into what was once a single space.

Acoustic glass partitions offer several potent benefits, but one of the most significant is their soundproof nature. This feature makes them ideal for minimising potential disruptions from noise-intensive classes, such as drama or music. As a result, classrooms that feature glass room separators can provide a more conducive learning environment, allowing students to focus better on the subject matter.

As well as facilitating better concentration, glass partitions are a practical teaching aid. They can serve as a helpful surface for projectors and similar devices, and the writable glass walls can be used as handy whiteboards! In fact, both sides of the same partition can be used as back-to-back whiteboards. Some schools even use glass partitions as surfaces for displaying their branding or logos, which adds an element of visual interest and togetherness to the space. 

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