Acoustic Glass

Our Acoustic Glass Partitions are highly engineered for effective sound insulation – ideal for sensitive environments. Used in Offices, Schools, Music Studios, factories and other sectors to reduce noise.

Famously versatile, our Acoustic Glass is in high demand for an increasing number of applications. Offices and workplaces throughout the UK are all finding it fantastically useful for dividing up their interiors to grant privacy for closed meetings and conference calls, without sacrificing any feelings of spaciousness or natural light.

Meanwhile, the education sector similarly uses it for its great effect in minimising noise disruption between rooms (for example, by vastly reducing the ambient noise from more intensive classes such as drama or music). It’s frequently installed in studios used by sound engineers and professional musicians, so they can work in peace without fear of interruption.

We have several different thicknesses of Acoustic Glass available here at Altitude Glass, and we offer a broad range of choices for either single or double glazed partitions.

If you are not sure about the glass you need to soundproof your space, just give us a call or email. We will be happy to advise you of the technical specifications and suitability for your project requirements. Contact us

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