Glass Doors

Our glass doors can complete any interior with not only a fantastic contemporary look can also be very practical too!

Beautiful aesthetics and an undeniable sense of spaciousness are just two of the main attractions of our Glass Doors, explaining why they’re becoming increasingly popular in buildings all over the UK. Similar to our glass partitions, frameless single-glazed glass doors are perfect for letting in the maximum amount of natural light into your interior, boosting your mood and energy levels whilst gifting the space with a great contemporary appeal. If you’re looking for advice on specific glass products, at Altitude Glass we’re always happy to oblige! For example, Frosted Glass is ideal for shielding a private office from prying eyes, while Acoustic Glass is perfect for giving that extra level of sound reduction.

As well as our range of high-quality fittings, Altitude Glass can provide Hinged, pivoting, sliding and bi-folding glass doors to suit your requirements, giving you plenty of options to choose from as you decide what works best for your space.

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