Easy Hotel


As part of the extensive refurbishment of the Easy Hotel in central Birmingham, Altitude Glass was chosen to deliver over 80 frosted glass screens bedroom en-suite. Since the project took place in an historic building, space was at a premium, and all the rooms were entirely bespoke. This meant that our team needed to supply and install custom sizes of glass screens for each room.

What we did

We installed each glass screen following a careful plan we developed specifically for overcoming the challenges of working in the space. Our team worked closely with a range of other contractors, including other teams who were installing the dry lining, electrics and plumbing. Due to the relatively tight quarters, our screens needed to be set on the shower trays themselves, so we took care to ensure that these were firmly in place before we fitted our track and measured for the glass.

The en-suite glass itself comprised three panels, featuring a sandblasted band. That band flowed around the en-suite across each of the screens, and needed to match up precisely when all the panels were in place. That required a high level of accuracy in the measurement and production of the glass – which our team were able to guarantee thanks to a wealth and depth of specialist experience.

The original construction of the shower screen was adapted after we installed a trial screen to test the system. It was necessary to re-engineer how the door was hung, switching it from having side hinges, to top and bottom patch fittings to ensure structural integrity.

The installation covered three floors, and was an especially intense project due to the quick turnaround required. We also made sure to pay particular attention to the scheduling, as precise timing required for the manufacturing and delivery of the glass.

The client was so happy with our work that we were later chosen for another Easy Hotel project in Ipswich on a similar scale, encompassing a total of 90 rooms. This second project was made even more challenging due to the distances involved – an issue we resolved by arranging for our team of fitters to stay on-site in Ipswich while the work was being completed.

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