Copper Reeded Mirror

Enhance the sophistication of your commercial business or luxury residence with our reeded glass panels. At Altitude Glass, we’re renowned for our dedication to quality and reliability, and our Copper Reeded Mirror panels are no exception to this rule. These non-traditional mirrors make a stunning addition to any space, adding an air of sophistication and style.

Our magnificent range of reeded mirrors are as mighty as they are beautiful and elegant, crafted from commercial grade safety glass. Whether it’s a luxurious home or an upscale commercial venue, these mirrored panels will effortlessly elevate the ambience of any space.

The lustrous copper finish of these reeded glass panels comes from the backing layer, which is created by a silvering process or hand-laying authentic copper-coloured gold leafing. This element of luxury, combined with the unique fluted surface, adds depth, texture, and unparalleled shine to their design, giving them a dazzling modern yet timeless appeal fit for all interior styles. 

Our standard 9mm thick Copper Reeded Mirror panels turnover is 2-3 weeks and are available in a standard size of 1340 x 2140. Our more luxurious 4mm gold leaf mirrors are available in just 4-6 weeks. Our experts can easily customise the size of your panels to fit the specifications of your project.

So, whether you’re looking to create the ultimate statement wall for a bar or restaurant, create a sense of luxury hotel ambience, or something else entirely, our Copper Reeded Mirror panels are an ideal, easy-to-install choice that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

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Bronze Reeded Mirror

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