Curved glass partitions

Curved glass adds a luxurious touch to any interior with its captivating blend of contemporary and retro aesthetics. Curved glass partitions are certainly a bold and stylish statement, seamlessly integrating into spaces while standing out as a unique design feature. So if you’re an architect or a designer looking for your next statement piece, look no further. 


The smooth lines and sophisticated charm of curved glass partitions enhance the visual appeal of any room and bring a sense of fluidity and openness. Whether used in bathrooms, offices, high-end luxury hotels, football clubs, or other environments, they transform the surroundings with their unique appearance and distinctive character.


Our curved glass partitions offer the perfect solution for dividing rooms and maximising space without compromising the open-plan feel or blocking natural sunlight. The transparency of single-pane curved glass allows for an unobstructed flow of light, enhancing the overall ambience and making spaces feel more expansive and inviting. This design feature is particularly well-suited to modern interiors, where maintaining a sense of openness and light is a focal point of the design. By installing curved glass partitions, you can create defined areas within your space while still retaining the cohesive and airy atmosphere you’ve come to know and love.


At Altitude Glass, we take pride in providing toughened curved glass partitions that are not only a stunning design statement but are also robust and durable. Our toughening process ensures that the glass is reinforced, making it suitable for high-traffic areas and providing added safety and security. All our toughened glass panels meet BS EN 12150 – the British standard, ensuring colour, clarity, and light transmission remain unaffected. However, please note that curved glass partitions have a minimum radius requirement. To ensure your project meets these specifications, get in touch with our experts to discuss your project plans, and we will provide you with the necessary advice and guidance. 


Our curved glass partitions are ideal for a variety of settings, including:


  • Shower screens: Create a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere in any bathroom with sleek, curved glass shower screens.
  • Offices: Enhance the modern look of your workspace with stylish glass partitions that offer both functionality and elegance.
  • High-end luxury hotels: Impress your guests with sophisticated glass partitions that add a touch of class to your hotel’s interiors.
  • Football clubs: Elevate the design of your club’s facilities with durable and eye-catching curved glass panels.
  • Residential properties: Transform your home and create distinct areas without sacrificing openness.


At Altitude Glass, we provide custom solutions tailored to your needs at competitive prices and with a quick turnaround. Our dedicated team delivers sophisticated and functional glass partitions that combine style, reliability, and durability, ensuring that your space is both beautiful and practical. If you’d like to learn more about how curved glass partitions can elevate your interior design, give us a call at 01254 812112, send us an email or request a callback using our contact form, and we’ll be happy to help!

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