10 points to take into consideration when refurbishing a bathroom or ensuite.

1 Creating a stunning ensuite like the photograph’s appreciated on Pinterest and Instagram is achievable, but it is how those amazing projects are delivered which is critical to the process. Design the ensuite ‘as a whole’ and do not jettison the detail, because it is this detail that brings the ensuite to life and makes the space a workable environment.

2 Always consider the shower screen as a part of the scheme and do not leave it until all the fixtures are installed. Otherwise, it will surprise you how difficult a bespoke shower glass screen is to find and how it can become a costly item to ‘add on’ at the end. We offer a bespoke service for glass shower screens and they come in many different styles, colours and with easy clean coatings too – definitely something to think about when you want that ensuite to look as new as the day it was installed.

3 Always ‘Function vs Design’ not ‘Design vs Function’ where water is concerned. If buying a ready-made shower screen online that looks amazing in the photo, make sure you know how it is installed onto the shower tray/floor etc and how water-tight it is. You may have the best-looking screen, but it leaks everywhere!

4 Use ironmongery to withstand wet and humid conditions. It might be obvious thing to say but products that are ‘on-trend’ could be only semi suitable, lasting months and not years. It is a war against rust in a new bathroom /ensuite and brass or aluminium are the best products to use to withstand the onslaught.

5 Use anti-fungal, moist resistant silicone. Those mouldy black marks do not look good!

6 An ensuite scheme is not a throw away item, they are often installed for over ten years, so choose the products well, as mirrors and fittings can rust if chosen incorrectly. A stunning ensuite can be achieved on a budget but make sure it is spent wisely. If you are doing it yourself, do the research and apportion the budget accordingly.

7Get the quotes in early and plan. Schedule the installation work to coincide with the manufacturers lead-in times. Some fixtures and fittings can take weeks 7 and others only a few days.

8 Make sure the glass is tempered or toughened in a shower screen. Ideally have a professional tradesperson measure and install it for cost/safety purposes. The product should be kite marked and comply with current standards.

9 It is worth investing in an independent designer with experience in wet rooms, bathrooms and ensuites. Interior designers have knowledge of the key products and local suppliers and installers they trust to complete your scheme. Do your homework and research interiors designers to suit your style and project; paying their fee will save money in the long term.

10 There are so many variables in a bathroom project, design, taste, products, availability, size of room and longevity of the scheme. Like a recipe it can only reflect a person’s palette. Enjoy the process and view it as an exciting project rather than laborious process.

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