Benefits of Frameless Glass Balustrades

There are plenty of versions of glass balustrades ranging from frameless to ones with stainless steel posts and handrails. All suitable for a building regulations safety barrier, which is of paramount importance in any situation. Commercial or domestic.

But the frameless glass balustrade product wins hands down for me for its perfect clean lines, contemporary simplicity and most importantly ease of installation. 

As opposed to a solid barrier built in either timber, concrete or iron railings, the glass will increase the value of the property giving it a unique and luxurious look. It also gives the illusion of space being a perfect ambassador for opening up small spaces.

The glass is safe and secure, it is strong and durable, easy to keep clean, does not block light, and creates the illusion of space. It allows unobscured views and perfectly complements other materials. 

I would say that frameless glass balustrades work very well within contemporary settings and as a juxtaposition with traditional buildings.













Glass is a durable material; it doesn’t crack or decay and ages over a very long time, it doesn’t fall apart, maintaining its form for years and years. It is safe to the point that children or animals can’t climb up it because of its durability (no cracks)and is easily cleaned and maintained.

It also gives you unobscured views while protecting you in the harshest of weather. We have installed these types of balustrades on high hills as well as on coastlines with strong prevailing winds and they work to provide a cosy environment to sit out and enjoy the sunshine without a freezing wind to ruin the day! (as you can tell I’m not a fan of the wind)

It is versatile and can be bespoke if your design flair so desires a colour to match your scheme, choices are mainly greens, greys or blues but with new techniques in lamination of the glass means that there are now choices of fabrics or metallics that can be also used as a feature within the glass. Lighting can even be added or why not make it curved? This all means the choices are indeed endless, making your balustrade truly individual.


Finally and if I haven’t given a good enough case yet;  In the ever increasing need for products being Eco Friendly and saving the turtles– well, with glass you can’t go wrong, it is made from natural products, lasts a long time, and is fully recyclable! 

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