Bespoke Antique Mirrors for your Hospitality Venue

Do you want to create the illusion of extra footage and need advice on where to best place the mirror within the space that you have? Do you want something totally unique and bespoke to your location (and brand) to make your hospitality interior really stand out and be memorable to your customers?

The use of mirrors adds additional footage in a restaurant, dining area or a bar and are thought to double the amount of food, energetically, not literally, inviting increased wealth and abundance. They also give the illusion of more guests if you entertain. They don’t have to be perfectly silver either ‘aged’ glass looks great especially in a restaurant or bar where the ambience is equally of importance.

Vintage mirrors









Antique Mirrors can add a certain quality to your hospitality space that other options just can’t offer – they make a statement in your hotel, restaurant or bar.

They work brilliantly in small dining rooms, foyers or passageways and actually expand small hallways, we visited a small apartment once where the space had been divided up with a practical blank partition wall which made it feel enclosed and small, we proposed a large mirror feature wall and once installed, it transformed the space immensely.

You’ve seen first hand the uniqueness mirror walls give and how they can enhance an interior and really make an impact. Whether that was a beautiful mirrored reception area in a hotel, stunning mirrors in a trendy bar or mirrors that made you feel fabulous in a shop, the experience was memorable.

With knowledge of creating designs and bespoke pieces to fit a range of hospitality settings we can guide you through choosing and producing the best mirror wall that suits your specific environment and requirements. There are plenty of options to choose from and can work with your budget.

You’ll have access to our extensive mirror wall ranges and a whole host of finishes and toughened mirror wall options including LED mirrors, mirror tiles, shaped bevelling, mirrored shelving, creative patterned mirrors and printed mirrors.

As each project and hospitality venue is completely unique there’s nothing that can’t be achieved with the mirror design you want and the space you have available. Your mirror can be manufactured to any size or shape and will be designed from scratch to include any company logos, text or numbers.










These are just some examples of mirror and mirror walls that we can produce for you. If you’re looking to wow your customers with a bespoke, individual mirror, commissioned exclusively for your hotel, bar, restaurant or retail space we’d love to hear from you. Ask us how the process works by getting in touch today.

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