Bespoke shower screens

We are often approached by developers who are building 80 plus bedroomed hotel who require  bespoke ensuite glass and frameless shower screens for both luxury and compact spaces.

This ability to be creative hasn’t always been available, as the glass production has always been the sticking point. Years ago, before I even ventured into glass, I couldn’t buy a single sheet of glass to create a simple screen for my en- suite. All the ones I found had bulky fittings, had a curve to the top and ‘had’ to sit on a bath. I did my research too, but there wasn’t anything available. Dare I say it…. yes, I settled for a shower curtain!

My time in glass and working with so many different manufacturers means I have been able to source any type of glass and learn a great deal about how the glass stays up with the relevant structure to hold it in place, (glass can be very heavy!). Manufacturing processes have changed too, meeting the market trends, so we can now buy single pieces of glass with the relevant determined cut-outs in place, to match any fitting required.

It’s important to say though, that bespoke shower screens are not the ‘cheaper option’ as they are not mass produced, and the fittings required are specially made for the bespoke project in hand. That’s the nature of one off’s but then that is what makes them special. At least you can guarantee no-one else has the same shower screen as you. With a choice of beautiful fittings in a variety of finishes and any type of glass, we can pretty much design any shower enclosure you desire.

Travelling to shows in Europe, and doing my research in the UK, there are so many options of beautiful fittings available, the growing market is for black fittings and to move away from the standard handles and ironmongery often found in commercial, glazed office partitions. Fittings are also getting smaller and the manufacturers are becoming ingenious with shapes and styles and how they are fitted, to enable the glass to be supported whilst also being functional.

These ironmongery fittings can now match the rest of the fittings in the bathroom, we recently completed a six-roomed private retreat in Scotland with bespoke shower rooms, all with different finishes to match the rest of the bathroom fittings. The glass was also cut into different shapes for all 6 rooms, with suitable framework to match the fittings.

Another example is this shower screen below, which we designed and installed in a loft space in a private house. The sloping roof meant we had to create an angled piece of glass with the door adjacent, which had to be as slimline as possible. We used chrome track and fittings suitable for a shower room. The result was a clean and tidy slimline shower screen and door.

Bespoke Shower Screens & Glass En-suites

The images below show how black fittings and the ‘crittall’ look, recently seen in commercial interiors, is now being represented in en suites and shower screens in private homes. They look very contemporary, especially set against the white of the tiling. Again, a perfect example of how shower enclosures have moved on, and are becoming more of an aesthetic feature rather than a plain functional requirement.

Feel free to ask us how we can help with any upcoming shower or en-suite enclosures you need glass for, and how we can design them for you.

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