How to make glass partitions design led and bespoke without the price tag.

Many customers arrive at my business wanting a glass partition screen for various reasons; whether it be to allow light through or achieving an additional private space, but an ever-increasing number of customers now want a partition which is non-standard. Offices especially are becoming on-trend environments. So what can we do to make it ‘on-trend’ or unique to your style or even match a style you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram and not cost the earth.

Unfortunately, mass-produced ‘bespoke’ glass doesn’t exist as this is a contradiction of terms and I’m always trying to find more cost-effective ways of producing stylish products. This is difficult, as to make and install a glass partition is specialised. Glass is heavy and U-Channel is manufactured to standard sizes – all of these aspects help to reduce the standard glass partitions screen price which is why there is an increasing flux of glass partitioning companies offering very competitive rates.

Ironmongery can make a real difference.

There are so many different handles, door pivots and track available now, which can be re-coloured to match your scheme or even contrast it. For example; one of our clients had a black and white décor so we sprayed all of the ironmongery for their partitions black to complement this or in a Spa we recently worked on, we anodised the track to a special silver to match the rest of the scheme.

There are extra features that can be added too, such as strips of bar across the glass producing what’s known as a ‘crittal’ effect, which creates an ‘of the moment’ industrial vibe. like this one we installed in Altrincham, Manchester. The glass is a standard product but it’s made really appealing by adding simple black bands which are applied afterwards with glue, making a very cost-effective solution.

These next set of photos show examples of bespoke handles and handrails which have been either sprayed or manufactured in a unique metal.

These additions really add a touch of luxury and style to what can be plain glass. We have produced many pieces of bespoke ironmongery and I am always on the search for more ideas to add onto glass, like these. We are quite resourceful and even though there isn’t a great deal on the market that is truly bespoke we can adapt current available products and make them unique.


Why not add light?

They are great examples of adding lighting into the scheme next to the glass for more dramatic effects. We love adding this for our clients as lighting is so effective, it can be colour changing too which one client uses to reference certain dates in the year; Red for Valentines Day, Green for St Patrick’s Day or a colour, which represents the ‘in-house’ team which have won the most accolades that week.

EKM Systems Ltd Case Study Altitude Past Work Project

Using manifestation graphics to create an impact!

Graphics are the best and most cost-effective method for giving your partitions that desired bespoke look. A great example of this, are the manifestation graphics on the partitions we installed.

We designed the graphics with the company’s brand image in mind, produced a test sample and once approved, we applied it to all of the partitions. I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic! A cost-effective solution which achieved a dramatic difference to the plain glass they had before.

Glass Manifestation

There are plenty of additional ways of making your glass partitions more bespoke whilst maintaining the function required of this type of partition. None of the above ideas are expensive to apply as long as you have an idea we can make it work.

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