Black frame glass partition

Glass Partitioning with Black Framing and Banding

A recent trend in glass partitioning has been adding black banding for a window effect creating a modern approach to a standard office glass partition. This trend started from devising a more cost-effective solution to the steel frames manufactured by the real crittall company; whilst being an amazing product they were out of reach for many commercial interior specifiers and planners on budget. Like any top end fashion piece, companies want to find a more mass-market product.

The difference was 2 main ingredients – the frame and the glass, instead of using a steel frame it is made from aluminium, a lighter system because the glass is the structure and not the other way around. The aluminium is cut to size on-site and the toughened glass is manufactured as floor to ceiling panels rather than individual pieces of glass installed into the small ‘window’ openings.

The black banding is then applied afterwards, in any pattern too which is a great solution to create a unique black framed glass partition in all interior settings. The best thing about this style, is that the banding can be removed at any time if the trend changes.

The glass in-between the banding can have frosting on or be left clear – the choices are endless. It is also quicker to manufacture and install. So, if you are looking for a trendy, quick installation of an industrial black banded glass partition; this is a great solution!

These are some examples of ones we have installed recently.



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