Bulk glass supply

Bulk Glass Supply in Construction

As a construction business owner, you are likely to be on the constant lookout for ways to reduce overhead costs for your build project and ultimately your client. One potential strategy is to purchase items in bulk. Buying in bulk reduces the cost per unit and how much you pay in the long run for supplies and products.

Glass is a contemporary asset, which is also practical. It is usually a difficult item to procure in large quantities because more often than not, it is a specific size or cut to shape to fit an exact opening, and as toughened glass (which is used for safety glass) cannot be cut down afterwards, it can be a risky strategy to purchase in bulk – if you don’t entirely understand the product.

This is where we, at Altitude Glass, can help. We are experts in supplying large quantities of glass to suit the project whether it is for wet rooms or en-suites, glass balustrades or glass walls. We can design the specifications for the project and then produce hundreds of panels of glass cut to size and shape. This is ideal for hotels for example, which have a large number of rooms that may be either being built or refurbished. In the case of en-suites, they could be standard rooms with shower trays or they may require the stylish wet room glass. Either way, Altitude can design and supply glass partitions and panels in large quantities, saving you money.

We can source various types of glass and all of the ironmongery too, in a range of colours, which is also available at a discounted price for bulk purchases. Our ironmongery range can be installed very effectively and quickly, which again saves time and money on-site.

There are, however, even more advantages to bulk purchasing – by saving money, it can mean you can be more creative and try new products in an interior design scheme. Ultimately, you’d like your customer to keep coming back. Modelling new trends is a great way to demonstrate your innovativeness, as is a great review of your completed build, especially in the cases of hotels, spa’s and leisure facilities.

Points to remember about bulk buying:

  • Save money – with a cheaper cost per unit.
  • Be more eco-friendly – due to reduced transport miles.
  • Reduce wastage – you’re only buying what you need.
  • Be more creative – up-spec or innovative with the savings made.

If you’d like to arrange a quote for a bulk purchase of glass, contact us on 01254 812112 or email us at info@altitudeglass.co.uk

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