Glass Screens at the Easy Hotel in Birmingham

Easy Hotel Birmingham – En-suite Glass Screens

Altitude Glass were successful in securing a tender to deliver 82 bedroom en-suite frosted glass screens for the new Easy Hotel in central Birmingham.

The new hotel was being constructed in a historic building, which was being refurbished. Due to the nature of the building, all of the rooms were entirely bespoke with different sizes of glass screens required for each room. The en-suite glass, which comprised of three panels, featured a sandblasted band. The band flowed around the en-suite across of each the screens and needed to match up precisely when the panels were all in place. This required a very high level of accuracy in the measurement and production of the glass.

Each room was created following a very tight program. Altitude Glass worked in conjunction with other teams who were installing the dry lining, electrics and plumbing. Our screens were set on the shower trays as space was a premium, making it paramount that these were in place before we fitted our track and measured for the glass.

The original construction of the shower screen was adapted after we installed a trial screen to test the system. It was necessary to re-engineer how the door was hung, switching it from having side hinges, to top and bottom patch fittings to ensure structural integrity.

The installation covered three floors and was an intense project due to the quick turnaround required. Scheduling was key, with precise timing needed for the manufacturing and delivery of the glass.

We installed the en-suite screens with accuracy and the work was completed in batches of 20 over a period of two months.



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