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Glass Partitions vs Solid Partitioning – Design over Function?

Glass Partitions vs Solid Partitioning: Design over Function?

We have noticed that office interiors and spaces have begun to be more innovative with their inclusion of glass partitions which has led to some inspiring work, and they’re a new way forward. The ‘look’ and style of these partitions are getting more contemporary maybe this is a result of the product being manufactured more or social platforms showing them as not just a functional addition to the office environment but more as lifestyle.

Let There be Light

If we had to pick the most obvious benefit for a glass partition office, we’d have to say that it would be light. One of the first and foremost benefits would have to be that you can get so much more light into the office space as opposed to building offices/ meeting rooms with solid walls. But you already know that already…. right? The thing is we get asked so often as the obvious solution for a new meeting room or office is for a solid wall to be built. We often change their view and give the alternatives for glass. Most people also presume that these costs far more and that glass is a luxury item only.

When you compare to the disruption onsite with the noise and mess that a solid walled partition can provide (builders won’t be happy with me!) Glass is by far a cleaner and swifter installation. It doesn’t necessarily cost far more either due the less labour and who wouldn’t want glass! It isn’t just available for those large corporate office anymore in the larger cities I’ve seen smaller business welcoming these assets to their interiors. The changes in production and design of glass partitions has also made it more readily available and affordable too!

Natural light, in particular, can be so important when you’re trying to provide a better space for office workers. It helps people to concentrate reducing the sick office syndrome from developing. Therefore, by including glass partitions in your office where you need them, you’re also allowing that natural light into the building where it can increase the positivity of your workers.

Below is an office we recently fitted out with glass partitions, these are the before photos showing the wide-open office area.

A More Familiar Environment

One of the other advantages of having a glass partition, instead of one which works using solid materials, is that you get a much more familiar and inclusive office space.

If you’ve ever watched a film or seen a cliché, then you know all about the dull and dreary office cubicle. It’s small, depressing and people spend their days wishing they weren’t in it. However, it does not have to be this way, and with glass partition offices you can find yourself having a very open space without any issues.

Glass partition walls mean that people can see each other and interact, which creates a more favourable environment for people to work in and spend an extended period around. We all want to enjoy our working environment, but it can be difficult when there’s a lot to do, and the workspace is quite bleak. Therefore, it can be well within the interest of a company to try and make sure that they are providing open space because it boosts morale.

Overall, these are just a couple of the different reasons why it can be important for people to try and incorporate an open office into their world, and why you should use glass partitions instead of solid material. It’s a more inclusive and accessible environment, which is what people want, and you’re letting in so much natural light that you’re going to save money on things like lighting.

This is the space now separated into a meeting room and separate office. The glass partitions keep the area flooded with light.



Most client’s concerns are the acoustic value of glass and the privacy aspect. They would want to have personal one-one with an employee and don’t want to share these meetings with the rest of the office.

We often suggest that there are great solutions to this, firstly there is acoustic glass which when combined with a framed door the sound transfer is vastly reduced. Secondly, there is manifestation that can be added to the glass. The old-fashioned way would be to have Venetian blinds within the two panes of glass but for me the latter options are far more creative and cheaper too. Any design or logo can be applied and there are some pretty amazing designs out there.

Another product which is now available but much less mainstream is the switchable film product which is at this moment in time is still quite expensive but very useful! Literally at a flick of a switch clear glass can be transformed into an opaque wall, hiding anyone behind it, which is perfect for a meeting or boardroom setting.

In Conclusion

There are many options available now to have a contemporary, aesthetically pleasing office whilst it can be functional too. The quote of ‘design over function’ isn’t necessarily the case anymore and glass when specified correctly can be very functional!

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