Glass Screen or a Shower Curtain?

Glass shower screen vs curtain – Which is better a glass screen or a shower curtain?

If comparing a glass screen to a shower curtain then all aspects of the interior needs to be given consideration, from size or shape of the bathroom/ensuite, to its functionality, and of course budget. For example – Large stand-alone showers or wet-rooms are best suited to have a glass enclosure with a glass shower door. They provide a water-tight surrounding, they are easy to clean and provide a modern appearance.

For a combination bath and shower, the answer can be either way. We have had customers who have half height bespoke shower screens made specifically to their design or shower curtains are great for families with small children at bath time. But as children get older the shower curtain provides a less secure way of keeping the water from leaking out. Children growing into teenagers are less prone to thinking about how to stem water from the floor and any way of removing that element away from them, is good with me, therefore a fitted glass shower screen wins hands down.

If the space is tight or unusual, we have designed and installed glass to suit even the most complicated angles where shower curtains just would not work, unless there is a solution on the market that offers angled curtains then fitted glass is perfect. Sliding shower screens are perfect for baths and is a great option for space premium areas where a pivoting door is just not an option. They offer a fantastic water-tight solution and again there are a range of finishes to choose from with the sliding door ironmongery.

Shower curtains certainly do have their advantages, as mentioned they provide better accessibility especially with small children when taking baths, but they are a very cost-effective solution and if looked after, a shower curtain can last a long time. It can also add a touch of colour to any minimal scheme and be changed regularly as a fashion item.

Curtains are perfect for stand-alone roll top baths where showers heads have been included. These baths which invariably have a curve to the edges, glass is an obvious ‘no-no’ in this case although curved glass is available for these products it does come with a considerable price-tag! Consider a luxurious material which can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and make it a stand-out feature within the bathroom with a chunky fitting with a unique colour.

When I speak of luxurious materials though my own experience of shower curtains is two-fold; a healthy understanding for the need of one in tight ‘side to side’ spaces where glass would never work; to complete frustration at the lack of suitable fabric material to create a unique product rather than the plain white plastic functional products available that are do readily available in the marketplace.

They can also create vast leakage if not correctly applied around the edge of any low tray, leaving invariably, a large puddle on the floor! Which completely defeats the object of having one in the 1st place.
Whichever product decided upon, they will always require maintenance and cleaning. Do not forget the rail holding the curtain either as it can rust and if not cleaned needs to be replaced within a couple of years, maybe even months. Do not buy cheap as it will not be solid enough and the same applies to glass and the fittings too. If you can afford it, make sure the hinges are of solid quality.

Therefore, and to answer the question, and if your space allows, I will say that a glass shower screen is a far better option than a shower curtain. It becomes priceless over time as it is easier to keep clean, keeps the water out of the rest of the bathroom, can be ‘styled up’ and is a sustainable product as it is not replaced every 6months and this for me is an enhancing feature in any bathroom.

If comparing a glass screen to a shower curtain then all aspects of the interior needs to be given consideration, from size or shape of the bathroom/ensuite, to its functionality, and of course budget.

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