Great reasons why mirrored walls are a fantastic asset to an interior

We have many products available to create our glass mirror walls, we specify, source and configure these pieces for each property and customer, giving a uniqueness quality to the finished product. We detail the design, to either match brand requirements or an interior design led scheme. They have been installed for both functional and decorative purposes.

But what makes a great feature mirror wall and why would you investigate sourcing and purchasing one. They are not a cheap alternative to say a wallpapered wall or even a painted one, but they add a certain quality that neither of these two options can offer. The below examples show antiqued, bevelled edged, silver, bronzed along with random or stylized geometric shaped feature mirror.

Mirrors give the illusion of space –

I know this is rather obvious but something that we all forget about when designing an interior; mirrors are not just used for reflecting people but also creating the illusion of extra footage, whether in a restaurant or in a home, these are perfect examples of where best to place a mirror.

They can be functional and decorative –

Bedrooms – Behind a bed, if short on space and/or to cover storage or make the mirror a big feature and not the small one always found in a bathroom? Also, they add a window of light to any dark wall and can even hide standard partition walls which are looking dull and tired.

Mirrors are versatile and bespoke –

Adding graphics or add other materials make a design statement or cut geometric shapes into the glass mirror. Antique, bronzed, bevelled, or black mirrors add further luxury to an interior.

From practical large silver glass mirror walls in dance studios & gyms to beautiful feature walls for offices, hotels, and hospitality venues. These mirrors are statement pieces, with the innovative designs these eye-catching products double spaces and give the illusion of extra footage.

We have shown some examples of what can be achieved nowadays and how they are now not just being confined to the washroom; they give glamour to a space large blank wall can be decorated basically mirrors are a ‘window of light’ and transform spaces dramatically.

Our stylish bespoke glass mirror walls ranges are designed from scratch and are totally unique to the individual. Altitude Glass can supply these beautiful products across the U.K and work with designers, architects, and developers to achieve the desired effect required.



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