Office Glass Partitioning for Blue Room

Creative design ideas for office environments

Peace and quiet

This is a particularly good one for normally big and busy offices. Some people work better with the hustle and bustle of a busy space – but equally, some people (and indeed some types of work) benefit from a quieter environment. If you feel that enough of your team, or your office in general, falls neatly into that category, then it might be worth considering splitting group areas into individual workstations, not entirely dissimilar from cubicles. That can give people the privacy they need to work in peace, which may also help them improve their focus and productivity.

Obviously though, the key concern – especially when someone says the word “cubicles” – is that people can start to feel very isolated when they’re all in enclosed spaces, and can’t see each other. That’s where glass partitions can come in useful, letting staff members look out into the common areas of the office so that they can still get some of that all-important sense of human interaction!

See it all in a new light

Lighting is a major thing in any workspace, as we’ve detailed before! To get scientific for a second, light is important because we’re diurnal (daylight) creatures, so we get energy from sunlight. When we’re deprived of it, or we only get artificial light, then we can quickly start to get depressed and lethargic. That’s exactly why mental health is such a key focus of people doing shift work – and it’s also exactly why you may be able to see such a major benefit by prioritising natural light in your workspace.

It’s a good idea to start with the windows – making sure that nothing is blocking them, and that blinds are up. You can then start looking at any solid walls or partitions, and evaluating whether you want to keep them as they are, or whether you might instead be able to get more benefit by replacing them with glass partitions, and letting more natural light through the space.

This option is a particularly good one to consider for small offices, or similar sorts of spaces where natural light is at a premium.

A touch of colour

Now, this one is an excellent option for creative offices, and it’s all about colour theory.

Colour theory is a really important factor in designing a space, and it can have a surprisingly powerful effect on the mood and atmosphere on the overall office. Orange and yellow for example can give a bright energetic feel, green gives a sense of growth and peacefulness, whereas blue is excellent for cultivating an atmosphere of calm and intelligence. As to what colour is best – well, that depends on exactly what sort of feel you want for your office.

We’re not talking literally wall-to-wall by the way – even some relatively subtle touches can be more than enough to work the magic. Coloured fabrics for furniture for example, or pieces of wall art. Fruit bowls and small plants for extra texture. As above, glass partitions (like the ones in this case study) can help open up the office, and ensure that these colours are seen across multiple spaces, helping to give the entire office a really cohesive feel.

Those are just a couple of ideas to get you started – you’ll probably be able to develop plenty more creative concepts yourself! And if you need any help on getting started, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Altitude Glass. We have more than 15 years of experience behind us in working with a varied range of residential and commercial clients, providing them with the best glass and accompanying ironmongery options to suit their needs!

Find out more about our products and sectors here, or just give us a call on 01254 812112 to get a free quote today. We’re always happy to help!

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